Headshots of Adam Poliak and Jalisha Jenifer


On June 10, 2021, Adam Poliak, Barnard College’s Roman Family Teaching & Research Fellow, and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jalisha Jenifer will present a paper in the Courses and Curricula portion of the Association for Computational Linguistics’ Fifth Workshop on Teaching Natural Language Processing (NLP). Their article, “An Immersive Computational Text Analysis Course for Non-Computer Science Students at Barnard College,” provides an overview of a new Computational Text Analysis course that will be taught at Barnard over a six-week period (during May and June 2021). Though some prior programming experience is required, the new computer science course is geared towards nonmajors who are interested in learning how to aggregate large amounts of text and apply statistical methods to discover insights from these sources. The instructors will introduce learners to methods and tools used in computational text analysis and use real-world textual datasets from social media (e.g., Twitter, Reddit) and news websites (The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times) to help students incorporate fundamental NLP tools into their research and studies.