Poetry month students hero
L-R: Alanna Xue '26, Juliana Weber '25, Andrea López '25

This National Poetry Month (April), three students break from tradition to showcase that the literary devices of rhyme and meter extend beyond poetry. Typically categorized as distinct from other forms of writing, poetry offers a writer, an artist, and — in this case — Barnard students the chance to portray meaningful experiences or emotions.

“The process of dressing the meaning behind a poem in different layers of literary elements —- from its rhyme scheme to its metaphors — parallels the process of coding in computer science,” said Andrea López ’25, a computer science major. “In both forms [of writing], there is a hidden meaning behind their respective syntaxes and codes.”

On TikTok, and in the video above, López, Alanna Xue ’26, and Juliana Weber ’25 share how poetry binds different forms of artistic expression to their academic interests — both in and out of the classroom.

 Alanna Xue ’26

Alanna Xue ’26, major in biochemistry

I chose to be a biochemistry major because I have always been passionate about medicine and healthcare. I had always done well in my high school chemistry courses, but I never felt very connected to the discipline. Taking an organic chemistry class this spring with professor Christian Rojas [was] the first academic challenge that I have found to be truly enjoyable. Before I graduate, I plan to take the MCAT during my senior year. [Then I’ll take] a gap year [and] apply to medical school.

Juliana Weber'25

Juliana Weber ’25, double major in political science and classics

At Barnard, I have loved being in a classroom with professors who are conducting cutting-edge research on topics as varied as the Russian invasion of Ukraine or nonstate governance in contexts of crime and civil war. The College’s unique blend of academic and athletic opportunities — as well as its location in my favorite city — have made me treasure my undergraduate experience. After completing a double major in political science and classics and ancient studies on the pre-law track, I intend to enroll in law school. 


Andrea Lopez '25

Andrea López ’25, major in computer science

I was drawn to Barnard by the unique opportunity to study in New York City with the resources of a top-tier research institution, engineering school, and the supportive community of women. I study computer science because I enjoy logic, analysis, and understanding algorithms. I have connected with a lot of awesome people. From attending office hours, I have also discovered a love for collaboration and teaching, which led me to become a TA for a computer science class. After I graduate, I am interested in pursuing a master’s degree in computer science and working at a technology company.