The moment Severin Fowles, chair of the American Studies Department and associate professor of anthropology, told Izzy Lapidus ’24 that she would love the Barnard Year of Science (BYOS) — a yearlong celebration of all things related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at the College — Lapidus was excited. 

“After obsessing over the logo, the video of Professor Santolucito’s Creative Embedded Systems class, the incredible statistics, the mock-up of the gorgeous new building to replace Altschul Hall, and the language used to describe what this year is all about, I can say that Sev was absolutely right,” wrote Lapidus. “I feel so lucky to attend Barnard at a time when STEM is gaining this much momentum.”

The Brooklyn native, who is planning on majoring in computer science with a minor in education, confessed that she spent over an hour reviewing the new website for the BYOS, as her passion for STEM is one of her main driving forces. “My life mission is to reimagine how STEM is presented so that it's more appealing and welcoming to everyone,” Lapidus explained. 

As she moves closer to her goal, she does so with a full day of campus activities, on both sides of Broadway. Check out one of her whirlwind days, below, along with her "Day in the Life" TikTok video:

Computer Science Major, Sophomore Izzy Lapidus, shows us a day in her life 🤩 #barnardyearofscience #computerscience #stem #stemnyc #science

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8:50 a.m.: I walk to my Elementary Swahili class on Columbia’s campus and pick up my mobile-ordered iced chai latte with oat milk on the way. 

Izzy Lapidus Swahili screengrab
Studying Swahili.

9:10 a.m.:Habari za asubuhi?” (“How is your morning going?”) Good morning! I start every Monday and Thursday with a 50-minute Swahili class. Honestly, the highlight of my day.

10 a.m.: I give my professor an asante (thank you) and run out of class to make it to Barnard’s campus for my Educational Foundations class. 

Izzy Lapidus 4th-Floor-Milstein-Terrace
On the Milstein Center's terrace.

12 p.m.: I go to Ferris in Lerner Hall to grab food and eat lunch in front of Butler with a friend. [Then,] I return to Barnard’s campus and head straight for the 4th floor terrace [in the Milstein Center] to meet a friend. I have to take in the views. A beautiful campus we have going on here!

1:15 p.m.: I am in the midst of running for Representative of Information and Technology on Barnard’s Student Government Association (SGA), so I spend time prepping my first meeting and working on my campaign website, which I built entirely with Notion. [Voting for this year’s SGA concluded on September 29.] 

Izzy Lapidus Working-On-Campaign
Working on her SGA campaign.

3:43 p.m.: I am lucky enough to chat with one of the directors of a beloved tech publication of mine. [The] conversation leaves me feeling inspired about the various ways tech can intersect with the rest of the world.

3:45 p.m.: On to my next meeting for the research project I’m working on, in collaboration with the Athena Center for Leadership and the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, to answer the question, “What does an inclusive computer science program look like to Barnard students?”

6:30 p.m.: Dinnertime! As I walk to meet friends at the Sundial, I pass Barnard's gorgeous Year of Science banner hanging in front of Barnard Hall. Clearly, I’m a huge fan.

Izzy Lapidus Walking-To-Library-After-Dinner
Walking to the library after dinner.

 7:30 p.m.: The grind waits for no one. I spend the next four hours at Butler finally finishing that campaign website and end the night by studying some Swahili.

11:50 p.m.: Bedtime check! I set my alarm for the next morning and wish this wonderful Tuesday farewell. A new day awaits.

text saying "Year of Science" surrounded by various scientific paraphernalia, such as beakers, gears, and nuclear symbols