Brian Plancher Headshot

Brian Plancher

Assistant Professor


Computer Science


Milstein 512



Brian is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Barnard College, Columbia University where he leads the Accessible and Accelerated Robotics Lab (A²R Lab). He is also a co-chair for the Tiny Machine Learning Open Education Initiative (TinyMLedu) and an associate co-chair for the IEEE RAS TC on Model Based Optimization for Robotics.

His research is focused on developing and implementing open-source algorithms for dynamic motion planning and control of robots by exploiting both the mathematical structure of algorithms and the design of computational platforms. As such, his research is at the intersection of Robotics and Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Numerical Optimization, and Machine Learning.

Brian also wants to improve the accessibility of STEM education. He researches ways to better understand and improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in STEM education globally, as well as to design and teach new interdisciplinary, project-based, open-access courses that lower the barrier to entry of cutting edge topics like robotics and embedded machine learning.

He enjoys spending his free time with his family and skiing in the winters. You can find more information about Brian on his personal website: